Newton on the Christian Life

Newton on the Christian Life: To Live is Christ. By Tony Reinke. Wheaton: Crossway, 2015. 285 pages. Paperback, $19.99. In the Theologians on the Christian Life series (edited by Stephen J. Nichols and Justin Taylor), Crossway challenges readers to look beyond the abundance of modern resources and towards the wisdom of those who have walked before them. The purpose of… Read more →


Samuel Pearce’s Tract for the Lascars

While in England this summer, I picked up an old copy of Samuel Pearce: The Baptist Brainerd, written by S. Pearce Carey (London: The Carey Press, 1913). As a student of Baptist history—especially British Baptist history—I began reading it immediately. Samuel Pearce participated alongside men such as Andrew Fuller, William Carey, and John Sutcliff in the inception of the Baptist… Read more →

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Authority, Submission, and Scripture

Several years ago I found myself in a difficult conversation with some leaders in our church about women teaching and preaching in the church. Though I taught complementarianism, these men believed that the church should be more inclusive and cease its historic “oppression” against women. I insisted that the offices of the church—elders and deacons—were restricted to men according to… Read more →


Learn your religion from the Bible. -Andrew Fuller

Learn your religion from the Bible. Let that be your decisive rule. Adopt not a body of sentiments, or even a single sentiment, solely on the authority of any man—however great, however respected. Dare to think for yourself. Human compositions are fallible. But the Scriptures were written by men who wrote as they were inspired by the Holy Spirit. Human… Read more →


The Oxford Inklings: Lewis, Tokien, and their Circle

The Oxford Inklings: Lewis, Tolkien and their Circle. By Colin Duriez. Oxford, UK: Lion Books, 2015. 288 pages. Paperback, $16.95. In Colin Duriez’s latest book, he explores the inner-workings of the Inklings, especially “their lives, their writings, their ideas, and most crucially the influence they had on each other” (11). The mid-twentieth century Oxford writer’s group is not new terrain… Read more →


Can We Still Trust New Testament Professors?

David Wilkin has an interesting article that is prescient for anyone considering theological education or considering attending a private Christian college. In his article, he writes, If your son or daughter wants to go to Bible college or seminary, you would be wise to check out the schools, and particularly the New Testament departments, very carefully. Most schools do not… Read more →