The Bible is the foundation of the Church

J_Gresham_Machen_2The Bible is not a ladder; it is a foundation. It is buttressed, indeed, by experience; if you have the present Christ, then you know that the Bible account is true. But if the Bible were false, your faith would go. You cannot, therefore, be indifferent to biblical criticism. Let us not deceive ourselves. The Bible is the foundation of the Church. Undermine that foundation and the Church will fall. Two conceptions of Christianity are struggling for the ascendancy; the question that we have been discussing is part of a still larger problem. The Bible against the modern preacher. . . . The Church is in perplexity. She is trying to compromise. God grant that she may choose aright. God grant she may decide for the Bible!

J. Gresham Machen, “History and Faith

Spurgeon’s Thoughts on Caring for your Voice in Cooler Weather

6a00d83452063969e2010535c5b521970bTake care of your throat by never wrapping it up tightly. From personal experience I venture with some diffidence to give this piece of advice. If any of you possess delightfully warm woolen comforters, with which there may be associated the most tender remembrances of mother or sister, treasure them—treasure them in the bottom of your trunk, but do not expose them to any vulgar use by wrapping them round your necks. If any brother wants to die of influenza let him wear a warm scarf round his neck, and then one of these nights he will forget it, and catch such a cold as will last him the rest of his natural life. You seldom see a sailor wrap his neck up. No, he always keeps it bare and exposed, and has a turn-down collar, and if he has a tie at all, it is but a small one loosely tied, so that the wind can blog all round his neck. In this philosophy I am a firm believer, having never deviated from it for these fourteen years, and having before that time been frequently troubled with colds, but very seldom since. If you feel that you want something else, why, then grow your beards! A habit most natural, scriptural, manly, and beneficial. One of our brethren, now present, has for years found this of great service. He was compelled to leave England on account of the loss of his voice, but he has become as strong as Samson now that his locks are unshorn.

Charles H. Spurgeon, Lectures to my Students

Francis Schaeffer and the Watershed of the Evangelical World


There is the danger of evangelicalism becoming less than evangelical, of its not really holding to the Bible as being without error in all that it affirms. We are then left with the victory of the existential methodology under the name of evangelicalism. Holding to a strong view of Scripture or not holding to it is the watershed of the evangelical world.
Francis A. Schaeffer, No Final Conflict: The Bible Without Error in All that It Affirms

The Christian religion stands or falls on the truth of our knowledge of God…

The Christian religion stands or falls on the truth of our knowledge of God; if God cannot be known, if God is not known, then religion itself collapses. Thus, Christian theology depends for its very existence on the assured conviction that God can be known, that he has revealed himself to humanity and that we can speak about that knowledge in an orderly manner.
Herman Bavinck (1854-1921)

Scripture and Church: Foundation and Guardian

Scripture is the foundation of the Church; the Church is the guardian of Scripture. When the Church is in strong health, the light of Scripture shines bright; when the Church is sick, Scripture is corroded by neglect; and thus it happens, that the outward form of Scripture and that of the Church, usually seem to exhibit simultaneously either health or sickness; and that as a rule the way in which Scripture is being treated is in exact correspondence with the condition of the Church.
Johann Albrecht Bengel

Take away the Word and no faith will then remain

There is a permanent relationship between faith and the Word. He could not separate one from the other any more than we could separate the rays from the sun from which they come… If faith turns away even in the slightest degree from this goal toward which it should aim, it does no keep its own nature, but becomes uncertain credulity and vague error of mind. The same Word is the basis whereby faith is supported and sustained; if it turns away from the Word, it falls. Therefore, take away the Word and no faith will then remain.
John Calvin, Institutes of the Christian Religion, Book IV, chapter 2