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Pastors, Please Stop the “Fifty Shades” Sermon-Series

Hollywood is releasing the film-version of the smut-book, Fifty Shades of Grey, this February. Correspondingly, pastors all around the nation are releasing a smattering of “Fifty Shades” series. Many of these borrow ideas from Ed Young Jr.’s new book, Fifty Shades of They, for which he has also developed a sermon-series (for purchase, of course). Pastor, if you’ve already purchased… Read more →


The Cathedral at St. Andrews

One of the more stunning sights on the Oxford Study Tour is that of the ruins of the Cathedral of St. Andrew. Built in 1158, it was stripped of its altars and images during the Scottish reformation and abandoned in 1561. Today, the ruins stand as a reminder of what once was. And though the edifice no longer stands complete,… Read more →

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PhD Semester 2 Reading List

Last week, I began my second semester in the PhD program at Southwestern Seminary. It’s a tremendous opportunity and honor to be able to continue in these studies, but the workload is no joke. I’m taking two reading seminars and a theological German class. Below are the books that are assigned for my classes. Systematic Theology Reading Seminar Barth, Karl.… Read more →


Help Me Fill Out my Spring Preaching Calendar

Friends, I am in the process of filling out my preaching calendar for this spring. As a doctoral student in seminary, itinerant preaching and pulpit supply is one of the means I have at my disposal to serve the Body of Christ, hone my skill, and support my family. Would you consider inviting me to preach at your church this… Read more →


Preaching at New Hope Baptist Church in Gary, TX

I will be preaching at New Hope Baptist Church in Gary, Texas on Sunday, December 28, 2014. If you’re in the area, I’d love for you to join us. Morning Worship: 10:45am I would love to have the opportunity to open God’s Word at your church as well. Click here for more information. Read more →


The Word of God . . . moved as Man among men

One of the great benefits of working on campus at Southwestern Seminary is that I get to interact with various professors outside of the standard classroom setting. Indeed, it has been my experience that the conversations that take place in the hallways are often the most beneficial. After a recent conversation regarding the Incarnation, it was suggested that I read… Read more →