The Oxford Inklings: Lewis, Tokien, and their Circle

The Oxford Inklings: Lewis, Tolkien and their Circle. By Colin Duriez. Oxford, UK: Lion Books, 2015. 288 pages. Paperback, $16.95. In Colin Duriez’s latest book, he explores the inner-workings of the Inklings, especially “their lives, their writings, their ideas, and most crucially the influence they had on each other” (11). The mid-twentieth century Oxford writer’s group is not new terrain… Read more →


Can We Still Trust New Testament Professors?

David Wilkin has an interesting article that is prescient for anyone considering theological education or considering attending a private Christian college. In his article, he writes, If your son or daughter wants to go to Bible college or seminary, you would be wise to check out the schools, and particularly the New Testament departments, very carefully. Most schools do not… Read more →


Church Potluck Pro-Tips

Who doesn’t love a good church potluck? The food, the fellowship, the fun (and by fun, I mean dessert) all work together to make it one of the most enjoyable moments in the life of the church. So, in the spirit of sharing, I wanted to give you my top three Church Potluck Pro-Tips. The First Shall Be Last Always… Read more →


Submission and Courage in the Pulpit

Religious freedom is under assault in our culture. Churches and preachers which have stood as the chapels and chaplains for a Christian America, are finding themselves increasingly pushed to the fringes of political and public discussions in light of their increasing secularization. Government and public opinion have determined that any speech which labels homosexuality as sin is hate speech, and… Read more →